DELUXE EDITION OF OKTA incl MONUMENT and two other songs!


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In just over 2 years, KEiiNO has become one of Norway's most streamed bands, and the trio's uplifting pop has given them a dedicated fanbase all over the world. Their success in Eurovision 2019 secured them a spot on sales charts in many European countries, and Spirit in the Sky was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann)- KEiiNOs debut album OKTA, which includes their early hits as well as collaborations with indigenous artists from other parts of the world, received good reviews when it was released in May 2020. This year, KEiiNO came in second in Melodi Grand Prix, but won many new fans with their platinum-awarded single MONUMENT. OKTA is therefore now being relaunched in a Deluxe edition with a "silver-plated" cover and three new tracks: The hit songs MONUMENT and UNBREAKABLE as well as Transarctic Lover.




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OKTA (Signed)