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She was singing along to the radio at 4, and her hand was always first in the air when a teacher asked for a leading actress in school plays. At 10, she began taking singing lessons, and a few years later she was selected to be part of Melodi Grand Prix Jr.

Fast forward 6 years, and 20-year old Alexandra is a part of the TV-show "Idol". During the show, manager Gunnar Greve was so impressed that he booked her to be Alan Walker´s singer on tour.

Dreams can become reality. Standing on the MGP-stage in Oslo Spektrum as the lead singer was one of Alexandra´s. Being part of a song with a strong message, and sharing the moment with two guys she loves to work with was more than she dared to hope for.

Tomorrow, we´ll give you a brief introduction of Fred.

Thanks for listening!


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