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The men of KEiiNO, who are they?

There are 2 men in KEiiNO (+ a soundwizard producing our sound in the Finnish woods, but more about him later)


Fred grew up in Kautokeino with the rich Sami culture around him. He made his first song on a tape recorder as a 6-year-old, recording sounds from Super Nintendo and singing and rapping the melodies over it. At 10, he began to produce music on PC and combined this with Sami rap. He thought it was cool, but later also saw the importance of making music in his own mother tongue. In 2006, he was offered a slot at the Kautokeino Easter Festival, and formed the Sami rap group Duolva Duottar. In 2008, Duolva Duottar reached the finals of "Norway got talent ". The following years Fred has toured throughout the Nordic region and Russia, and worked as a songwriter and educator. In recent years, the joik has grown in Fred and with KEiiNO he has finally long found a suitable arena to use the yoik. PS. Did you know that Fred has been in the Sami Parliament?

TOM HUGO Tom was 7 years old the first time he performed publicly, and after years in different pop and rock-bands he made his debut as a solo-artist in 2011. In 2013 he participated in MGP with the song «Det er Du» After some years focusing on writing #1 hits for Asian pop-bands like EXO, SHINee and TVXQ, he made a comeback with the radio-favorite «Better Than Me" 2017. Tom Hugo took the Norwegian audience by surprise with his energetic MGP-entry I Like I Like I Like, and later last year his song Family was chosen to be Norway's official Pride-song. When Tom sets himself a goal, he won’t give up after the first failed attempt (yes, he can be stubborn..). And as his dream of winning MGP had been with him since he was a kid, he just had to try once more. And with KEiiNO, he’s finally back where he feels most at home; in a band! Check out for more info on Tom

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