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Wow, wow, wow.. What an amazing experience ESC has been. We are so grateful for all the votes, comments and support. Thanks to YOU, we WON the televotes!

photo: Thomas Hanses,

Congratulations to Duncan Laurence of the Netherlands, you did amazing and is a very worthy Eurovision-winner! If there won't be any new jury-suprises, it looks like we ended on #6 overall. Not too bad considering all the amazing artists and songs we were up against.

Now, we have started writing a new chapter in the KEiiNO saga. New music is on the way, and we're building a live-set we hope to present on a stage near you. But first, we'll perform at MGPjr this weekend. We can't wait to share the stage with the talented kids that will get their first ESC-experience on Saturday. Maybe they'll end up in the big ESC-finale like Alexandra in a few years time!

Thank you for listening!

Tom, Fred & Alexandra

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