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Are you ready to joik? This traditional form of "song" is an important part of Sami culture. In recent years, peoples awareness of this powerful way of reflecting or evoking a person, place or animal has grown, and Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen (of Isàk) became a houshold name in Norway after her amazing joik in Stjernekamp.

But you don't have to be Sami to find your inner joiker. Many Norwegian artists have tried learning the skill in the great TV-show Muitte Mu, and Americans had a go in Alt for Norge

We hope that our song "Spirit in the Sky" will inspire people from all over the world to joik, and we are launching a fun joik-challenge to fuel the fire. The competition that everyone can take part in, goes like this: Play the snippet we've uploaded on Spotify (or Soundcloud) as a backingtrack while you record yourself and upload on Instagram. Remember to use the #hashtags #keiino and #joikchallenge

One week from today, Monday 25th of February, we'll announce a winner that will get a brand new KEiiNO T-shirt! Are YOU ready to Joik?

Thanks for listening,


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Until we have a stunning video for Spirit In The Sky, you can enjoy the song (and learn the lyrics!) with this video.

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